Configuring replication of 12c Oracle database to 12.2 multitenant pluggable Oracle database using GoldenGate (GG) 12.3

GG is a new product for me, but after some online trainings it’s time now to practice it a bit. As we live in an era of multitenant databases it includes multitenant database as replication target and the source is non-CDB database, that makes it a bit more interesting and practical. I won’t dig much in the replication configuration, because for this time it’s only classic replication of sample schema, that will help me extend this example to MySQL – Oracle replication using MicroServices configuration.

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Manual Oracle database creation using sqlplus. Part 2 (multitenant).

The time has come, when there is no reason to use non-tenant architecture manual creating which I described earlier in Manual Oracle database creation using sqlplus. Part 1 (non-tenant).

Unlike the last part this example is not a very handy for OCM exam, because has too many commands, but it’s still very useful to avoid installation of extra components that will required time for upgrade in the future.

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Overview of Oracle 2018 features for DBA and architects

Oracle Inc. released relatively recently the new version of the database #1) The Oracle Database 2018. It’s not yet available to use out of cloud, but I’m more than Ok with that, because usually it’s very dangerous to migrate to not patched Oracle database software.

After the checking of one of the most lovely by me documents Oracle Database Release 18c New Features I can partially agree with other Internet folks, that it’s not like a completely new release, but more like Patch Set. However I appreciate what was done and that Patch Set based features presenting exists almost from the beginning, so nothing is new here, but names.

Now we have time to think about new features that we are going to use in our infrastructure and this article will give you my opinion on this. Please let me know if you find anything else is same interesting for DBA, but I missed it.


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TCPS listener configuration for Oracle Database 12c

I started this to cover some my missing hands on experience, because I never worked for any customer really thinking about security (sure they  had some procedures, but it’s usually meaningless things to be able to pass external audit). But Oracle Inc. doesn’t give us to live in peace and their mess in documentation and bugs makes our live more interesting.

Additionally I continued to use Microsoft software and practice with PowerShell.

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Sqlplus is hanging when runs from PowerShell ISE

It happened that I installed Oracle 12.2 on Windows, it’s mostly out of curiosity and can give me some field for articles.

Warning: please do not run Oracle on Windows for production =)

With my best testing skills I found instantly problem on Windows. I was intrigued by the new shell (actually don’t know how new it’s) of a name PowerShell ISE, so I created scripts to run using DBCA and tried to run them from PowerShell ISE, but it hung on a call of sqlplus.

I tried to use process explorer to investigate what was wrong with process, but that Windows tool didn’t give me anything interesting (I wish I could use there at least strace).

Googling this problem was not very succesful, but the short mentioning that it won’t work well:

After that I tested scripts using normal PowerShell and using just cmd – all was done well.

Be aware, that PowerShell ISE can’t run sqlplus – another excellent move of MS, use CMD or PowerShell.