Install Oracle 12.2c on Ubuntu 16 using Dizwell Informatics’ modified “mandela” script

It’s hard to argue, that Ubuntu is the most comfortable distributive to have if your choice is Linux for your laptop/desktop. Even being a huge fan of Red Hat solutions, but Fedora disappointed me by its instability and very short support circle.

But what is about Oracle software?

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Amazon AWS interview

It’s an article about me having an interview with Amazon AWS in Dublin for the position of Cloud Support Engineers in Relational Database Service (RDS) team. It will contain all that I can recall about this process, it also will include exact offer information, because I finally rejected it as not suitable for me (read as I anyway will never have that money).

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ORA-01669: standby database control file not consistent when there’s not any Standby ever

Some database came to me with a request to restore database to the specific SCN. After solving not interesting problems with SBT, that in general say, that SBT is a slow and uncomfortable space to store backups, we faced wonderful error, that according to description shouldn’t be fired on primary database witch never was in DG configuration. The error is:

ORA-01669: standby database controlfile not consistent

Cause: Attempting to activate a standby database with a
controlfile that has not been recovered to the same point as
the data files. Most likely the controlfile was just copied
from the primary database and has not been used for recovery.

Action: Recover the standby database until all the files are

And because we were not able to restore database again (slow SBT) and some files were offline due to skipping them during the restore/recovery process it took some time to solve it.

Further I will show the test case to reproduce the error, and the possible way to fix it. There will be a lot of RMAN output and using exiting feature of 12c+ RMANs to run SQLs from its console.
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Generate secure password

Password generation is a common routine for DBA. Oracle has pretty good function for this:

   opt  IN  CHAR,
   len  IN  NUMBER)

With this options of OPT parameter:

  • ‘u’, ‘U’ – returning string in uppercase alpha characters
  • ‘l’, ‘L’ – returning string in lowercase alpha characters
  • ‘a’, ‘A’ – returning string in mixed case alpha characters
  • ‘x’, ‘X’ – returning string in uppercase alpha-numeric characters
  • ‘p’, ‘P’ – returning string in any printable characters.

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